Monday, 19 March 2012

NCDEX Update, View and Intraday Tips for Today 19 March 2012

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Today NCDEX Agri Commodity has down trend in domestic market. All of products are negative seen in previous with exception of the Guar seed and Guar gum.
NCDEX Guar Seed Tips: - NCDEX Guar seen has seems positive. Today it has started at Rs 27190, while it was closed 26,390 in last week. Current seems of NCDEX Guar seed is trading up 4.02 percent (1060) at Rs at Rs 27450 at around 11.30 Am. NCCDEX Guar seed and Guar gum continue maintain best position on last week.
NCDEX Guar gum Tips: - Today Agri Guar gum has opened positive at Rs 83500, while it was closed at Rs 83500 on last week. In Current seen of NCDEX Guar gum is up 4 percent (3360) at Rs 87280 at same time.
NCDEX Potato Tips: - Still down NCDEX Potato on Today. It has started up at Rs 900, while it was closed 897.8 on Saturday. Current NCDEX potato is trading down more than half percent at Rs 885 at a same time.
NCDEX Chana Update: - Chana is also opened down trend today. It is trading down near to one percent at Rs 3626.
Jeera:- NCDEX Jeera has negative with previous and currently it is trading down 1.53 at Rs 12560, while last trade of its listed at Rs 12,755 for intraday.
Mentha oil Update: - Mentha oil in agri commodity has seen negative near to 3 percent. Now it is trading down 2.73 at Rs 2328 at around 1.30 pm. If we talk to last trade of its so it was closed at Rs 2393 on last week.

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