Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Black chili is businesses at Rs 44,070 with 1.5% down trend In NCDEX market. There are maize also in down trending with 1.5%.While turmeric have climbed up at Rs 5,800 with 1.5 % in NCDEX market. Special cash margin increase by 30% from 15% in potato buying by FMC. And potato selling is also increased 5% in commodity market. Because of these changes potato is doing business at Rs 1255 with 1.5% down trending.
 Arrivals of Jeera crop declined to about 7,000 bags & the same were traded at actions held at Unjha market. Spot rates eased slightly, but remained above 150 per kg mark.

 Spot rates of mentha oil declined by 10-15 per kg across major trading centers while futures too were down on in the early trade session however pries later recovered on bargain buying. Daily supply-demand remained negligible.


SELL JEERA AUG BELOW 15290 TARGETS 15260, 15230, 15190 STOPLOSS 15350
SELL PEPPER AUG BELOW 43750 TARGETS 43690, 43630, 43560 STOPLOSS 43870
SELL GUR SEP BELOW 1234 TARGETS 1231, 1228, 1224 STOPLOSS 1240

Precious Commodity Gold SIlver Tips

Gold Tips


Traders are needed today Bui Intraday Gold on range 30220 target really put 30320 TGT 30370, Although Stop Loss is not need, yet take 30170 with Stop Loss for Intraday.

MCX Silver Call

Silver MCX Sure Shot Call: As Soon As possible traders and inviters who are invest in precious commodity silver can buy immediate 53990 to 54100 and Targets  54165 , 54250 , 54350 Stop Loss here put 53973 its security for every traders and investors.

Monday, 30 July 2012


Gold is doing bearish trend and silver is in some uptrend businesses In International market. While gold doing flat trend in COMEX market with 1,622$ and silver Rs27$ with 0.25% per ounce ↑ change .Gold closed with Rs 29,795 in MCX market of India and silver closed with Rs 53,231 in MCX market.
Overall trend of the Silver is bearish for medium-long term .Currently Silver is in strong uptrend with good momentum and the trend is supported with good volume the open interest is not increasing with trend. Cautious point is buying at higher levels seems decreasing.
But doesn’t worry while this bearish trend of Bullion markets you can get profit by these some following MCX tips for Today.
MCX Gold Tips
 CALL BUY GOLD AROUND 29770, TGT 29834, 29888, 29950 SL 29758
MCX Silver Tips
Although MCX Silver is showing consolidate in currently, yet Traders can sell it with in Current rate. 

Friday, 27 July 2012


Down trend on international market of Bullion are also shown effect on MCX in India. Gold trend is down by 0.5$ in COMEX market, while silver have strong by 0.2%.crude oil businesses on 89.50$ with uptrend by 0.25%.
Gold doing businesses with Rs 29,770 low trend on MCX market and silver doing businesses Rs 53,250 sowing uptrend with0.1%high,  crude oil have in Rs 4990 down trend with 0.1% in MCX. Base metals are in uptrend with 0.1 to 0.3%.
Nickel is in 0.5% upper level while copper, lead, and zinc is also in up level with 0.25%.


BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 53350 TARGETS 53415, 53500, 53600 STOPLOSS 53223
SELL COPPER AUG BELOW 419.5 TARGETS 418, 416.5, 415 STOPLOSS 422.5

Commodity: Silver Updates, Gold Trend and Copper Tips Today

MCX Gold Silver News and Updates

The international market precious metal silver is traded flat business, while gold is showing down trend. The slowdown of Gold and Silver has been down to domestic market today. Although tomorrow also gold and silver was traded lower side in whole day.
As Soon as market has started Silver were started positive Note, while Gold was noted positive in domestic market. Now MCX Silver is trading above 0.13 percent at Rs 53,285 and it has highest touched at Rs 53315 in September contract. MCX Gold is trading down 0.07 percent at Rs 29,772. MCX Gold is traded between 29750 to 29790.
MCX Gold major resistance is 29891.5. If this will be broke then next resistance is 29930.5. This resistance will be never break. Supporting zone of MCX Gold is 29679.2- 29591.4 for today.

MCX Gold Tips: Sell Gold between 29835 29870 and targets 29752 29720 29680stop Loss 29980.

MCX Copper Trading Tips 

Traders can Buy MCX Copper above 419.50 with Targets 420.60, 421.80, 423and Stop Loss 416.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Commodity MCX Gold Silver and Energy Daily Free Tips by SMS

Gold Tips: Buy Gold August above 29870 with in Targets 29893 , 29918 , 29946 and Stop Loss 29827.

Silver Tips: BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 53400 TARGETS 53465 , 53550 , 53650 STOPLOSS 53273.

MCX Crude Oil Energy Tips :- SELL CRUDE OIL aug BELOW 4975 TARGETS 4960 , 4945 , 4930 STOPLOSS 5005.  

Natural Gas Tips: SELL NATURAL GAS JULY BELOW 172.5 TARGETS 171.1 , 169.7 , 167.9 STOPLOSS 175.5.


Crude oil Trend
Crude oil futures closed higher, changing direction in the last half-hour of floor trading. Prices declined earlier after a surprise increase for weekly crude supplies and above-estimate increases for crude products such as gasoline. Crude oil supplies increased by 2.7mn barrels to 380.

Overall trend of the Crude oil is bearish for medium-long term .Currently Crude oil is in strong uptrend and the trend is supported with good volume the open interest is not increasing with trend. It is showing SELL signal for short term. Positional Support for the Crude oil is 4900-4868.Resistance for the crude oil is 4967-5048.

Natural Gas Trend
The Natural gas is in perfect uptrend .Currently Natural gas is in strong uptrend and the trend is supported with good volume the open interest is not increasing with trend. Cautious point is buying at higher levels seems decreasing. Support for the Natural gas is 165-163-160; resistance for Natural gas is 181.

MCX Crude Oil Tips

Although Crude MCX is Showing Positive trend with in Consolidate range, But Traders can sell Crude below at 4960 Targets 4935 Stop Loss 4997.

MCX Gold Silver Commentary and NCDEX Updates with Sure Call

MCX Updates 26 July 12, Gold, Silver, Tips, NCDEX Agri Commodity Free Tips, Future Commodity Trend

Traders and investors are always thinking market fluctuation that how to invest today and what may be next position today. More traders are start trading commodity especially precious metals like gold and silver but it’s more fluctuate segment in commodity market.
You know commodity MCX market has introduced negative note during the previous session. The International Market effective to precious metals gold and silver in domestic market, while tomorrow gold and silver was traded momentum range. But Today Again its is prevue down business on MCX bullion. Our expert team are expect silver can buy Traders near around 53180-53230 Targets 53170 and Stop Loss 52850.

NCDEX Agri momentum Commodity Updates
Today Best momentum Agri Product which by Traders can earn more profit- Coriander, Turmeric, Soybean, Cotton Cake, Grains, Jeera, Mentha oil and Pepper. NCDEX Coriander is trading above 3 percent rupees has touch 4,750. In September future contract turmeric has gone up 2 percent and its price has risen to Rs 6850. Soya on NCDEX is trading up more than 1.5 percent Today.

Most Active Agri Commodity Tips for Today 
Buy Pepper Aug Above 44450 Targets 44510 , 44570 , 44640 and Stop Los 44330.
Sell Jeera August Future 16650 targets 44510 , 44570 , 44640 and S/l 1671.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Commodity MCX Gold Expertise and SilverTips Today

Gold has been reached higher on Tuesday, extending gains in intraday and future trading today. Due to precious session gold was introduced excitement and whole day it’s about traded beginning. As soon as market has started bull up trend in previous. Live commentary of MCX gold is trading at 29,748 with in 180 rupee above against the last closing. Our MCX Expert team was generate technical call for gold trading such as given- Buy Gold August above 29700 and targets 29723 , 29748 , 29776 stop Loss 29657. And other hand which call generate by expert only Silver like that Buy Silver September above 53000 targets 53065, 53150, 5325 within Stop Loss 52873. 

Commodity Expert Advices For Trading Tips

MCX Commodity Tips Today

Gold Tips: Most impotent selling position in MCX Gold, Traders and Investors who should Sell Gold within August contract near around 29670 to 29660 and Targets taken 29600,550,500, Although Stop Loss not need, yet put near around 29700.  
MCX Crude Trading Tips: If you want earn more profit in intraday crude. You Should Sell MCX Crude oil as soon as go below 4985 Targets 4970, 4955, and 4940. But there are need stop loss so you can fix 5015.

Agro Commodity Tips and Call

Pepper Tips: Buy NCDEX Pepper above 43,500 and Targets 43,550, 43600 stop Loss 43,100 .  
Jeera Sure Shot Call: Buy NCDEX Jeera August future contract 16,220 and Target 16,400 with S/L 16,000.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Commodity Breking News IN India

The Indian commodity Future trading focus on agri script has increased prices the government’s concerns. The issue of consumer’s ministry has called an emergency meeting in the next 2 days. The Consumer affairs minister KV Thomas has aware to all consumers analyses sure acknowledgement and directed to FMC on right way.

As you know the bumper wheat crop is during the year, yet prices are flying sky. Commodity Future Market Again comes under question. The government is continue receiving complain by traders and market investors under last two month. Led the government to stop the mess, tighten the regulator has decided to direct action.

If we talk to past 3 month so NCDEX wheat prices has increased by 20 to 30 percent and other segment sugar 20 percent, soy oil 52 percent in between two month.


If we watched Today commodity NCDEX agree product trend we find turmeric doing business on Rs 6150 on uptrend with +2%chang, red chili also in uptrend today Rs5580 with +2% change. On the other hand soybean is decreased with 2 to 2.5 % down trend for November-December. Spot rates of Menthe oil MCX were up by 25-30 per kg across major trading centers while Futures too were up, but major gains were capped by selling pressure across the entire commodities segment. NCDEX Chili August contract traded in the morning session at Rs.5564 per quintal, up by 1.79% and open interest of the same stood at 7535 lots. Guar seed arrivals increased to 86 quintals, while the average of the closing spot rates increased to 14,583.3 per quintal, as per agriculture marketing board of Rajasthan. Arrivals of jeera crop increased to about 12,000-13,000 bags while trades declined below 10,000 bags at auction held at Unjha market. Spot rates eased slightly & were quoted around `152-`154 per kg, as per local trades.
NCDEX Agro Call for Today


BUY JEERA AUG ABOVE 16010 TARGETS 16040, 16070, 16110 STOP LOSS 15950

BUY PEPPER AUG ABOVE 43570 TARGETS 43630, 43690, 43760 STOP LOSS 43450

Gold Commodity Trading Tips

MCX GOld Updates and Tips Call Today 24 JUly 12

Today Again Gold Commodity has Negative noted, In Last two days gold is traded pressurized in domestic market. Whatever tomorrow it was introduced negative but closing of the market it was recover and closed above more than half percent at RS 29,453.

The slowdown in the international market due to weak domestic market in gold future contract. MCX Gold has opened at 29441 for august contract. Now it is trading volatile at Rs 29425 below 0.09 percent.

Traders can Sell MCX Gold with in August future contract 29420 Targets 29407, 29387.

Monday, 23 July 2012

MCX Gold|Silver|Crude Oil|Natural Gas Tips| NCDEX Agri Commodity Tips

MCX Sure Shot Tips Today  
Gold Tips: Sell Gold august below 29350 Targets 29327, 29302, 29274 and Stop Loss 29393.  

Silver Tips: Sell silver September below 52700 and Targets 52635, 52550, 52450 and Stop Loss 52827.

Crude Oil Tips: Sell crude oil August below 5000 Targets 4985, 4970, 4955 and Stop Loss 5030.

Natural Gas Tips: Sell Natural gas July below 171.5Targets 170.1, 168.7, 166.9 Stop Loss 174.5.

NCDEX Sure Shot Call Today  
Mentha Oil Tips: Sell menthe oil July below 1333 Targets 1330 , 1327 , 1323 and S/L 1339.  

Pepper Tips : Sell Pepper August below 43100 and Targets 43040 , 42980 , 42910 Stop Loss 43220.


There are having mixed business in MCX Base metal, In copper, nickel, and lead are showing down trend 0.3 to 0.5%.But still these down trending aluminum and zinc are businesses on up trend in market. Current   prices of zinc are 101.7 with -0.55 % changes. Copper price are 419.55 with -2.75 % changes. Nickel prices are 879 with -6.4 % chng and lead prices are 103.95 with -0.8% chng.
MCX Aluminum Trading Tips
 Overall trend of the Aluminum is bearish for medium-long term .Currently Aluminum is moving sideways The oscillator is showing SELL signal
MCX Copper Trading Tips
Overall trend of the Copper is bearish for medium-long term .Currently Copper is in strong uptrend and the trend is supported with good volume The open interest is not increasing with trend . Cautious point is buying at higher levels.
MCX Copper is showing volatile; But Traders can buy Copper above 419 within Targets 420, 421 and Stop Loss 416. 

Friday, 20 July 2012


An International market bullion product gold and silver are in low trend. Gold is doing low business with 1582 $ In COMEX Market, and silver is in 27$per ounce. If we focused on MCX market in India gold was closed on Rs 29,152 with some marginally decreasing level, on the other hand silver was closed with Rs 52,694 yesterday. The Indian Rupee appreciated around 0.3 percent yesterday on the back of upbeat global market sentiments which led to decline in the DX. Indian equities also rose by 0.5 percent which also acted as a positive factor for the currency. However, sharp upside in the currency was not witnessed on account of dollar demand from oil companies and defense companies. The currency touched an intra-day high of 55.10 and closed at 55.16 on Thursday.

Currently Gold is in strong downtrend with good momentum but volume is unsatisfactory the open interest is not increasing with trend The Gold is now trading in oversold level.
But Traders can SELL - MCX Gold in the range of 29240 – 29280 with TARGETS 29160, 29120, 29085 and STOP LOSS 293

Overall trend of the Silver is bearish for medium-long term .Currently Silver is moving sideways The oscillator is showing SELL signal .In last 1 month volatility is very less Buy the Silver above 54593 or buy with strict stop at 51991. The oscillator is showing SELL signal for short term Silver.
SELL SILVER 52625/52675
TARGET 52400/52200/52000  

Commodity Trend Today

MCX Strategy Range and Level , Energy Crude Oil Trading Tips

Commodity market on domestic market is gold and silver normally trends today. MCX gold nearly strongly up with 29200 prices per 10 gram. However, silver has remained trading with Rs 52620 per 1 Kg. 

Commodity market on domestic market is gold and silver normally trends today. MCX gold nearly strongly up with 29200 prices per 10 gram. However, silver has remained trading with Rs 52620 per 1 Kg.

Today base metals are decline like, Copper, Lead, aluminum, nickel 0.6 per cent to 0.2 per cent is poor.

MCX Crude Oil Tips

  Sell Crude cmp5099 sl5130 tg 5060.


Thursday, 19 July 2012


MCX Crude Oil Trend and Updates

Oil prices up in Asian market today, Crude oil prices climbed up before till 7 days, now crude oil prices are crossed Rs. 5000 in MCX .Crude oil doing business approximately 90$ in NYMAX and BRENT CRUDE ARE DOING BUSINESS 105$ in ICE .This support is taken cause of declining the supply in IRAN and lowing the collection of gasoline in America .MCX base metal is climbed up by 0.5%, New York's main contract, light sweet crude for delivery in August, gained five cents to $89.92 a barrel and Brent North Sea crude for September delivery was up 26 cents at $105.42.

Crude palm oil prices traded marginally higher by 0.09% to Rs 567.90 per 10 kg in futures trade today as speculators create At the Multi Commodity Exchange, the August contract for crude palm oil traded marginally higher by 50 paisa, or 0.09%, to Rs 567.90 per 10 kg, with a business turnover of 861 lots created fresh positions, driven by improved demand in the spot market. The July contract inched up by 20 paisa, or 0.04%, to Rs 565.70 per 10 kg in 170 lots.

Copper Updates

Copper traded positively, as investors shifted focus on Copper. Its prices today rose by 0.24%, to Rs 424.10 per kg in futures trade as speculators indulged in enlarging their positions amid a firming trend at the London Metal Exchange (LME).At the Multi Commodity Exchange, the August contract for copper rose by Re 1, or 0.24%, to Rs 424.10 per kg, with a turnover of 12,013 lots.

MCX Crude Call for Today

Traders can sell MCX Crude oil below 5017 with Targets 4992, 4955, 4937 and Stop Loss 4,995.

MCX Crude Oil Updates and Silver Trading Tips

MCX Crude Update and Trading Tips

MCX Crude oil is trading up more than one percent and prices have touched 5,057 with in record level. Although as soon as market was started then immediate crude on MCX Crude oil taken up side in domestic market. However crude is trying to return back. Crude expert analyze market and find result crude will never broke 4,900 supporting level.

Current view of Crude is trading up 0.97 percent at Rs 5022 at around 1 Pm. Now Traders can Sell Crude oil with July contract near around 5,020 to 5,030 targets 5000, 4983.

Nymax Crude has reached 90 dollar a barrel, while Brent crude crossed the 105 dollar. Reduced supplies from Iran and the United States gasoline stocks fall in crude oil prices have had support.

MCX Silver Tips

Sell Silver September below at Rs 52900.
Targets 52835 , 52750 , 52650 S/L 53027.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


International future prices (aug 12) are gold 1578.25 with changes -11.25 and silver prices (sep12) are 27.145 with 0.171% changes. Today current prices for gold are 29,228.00 with% chng -0.21 and with low -61.00, in the other hand silver spot prices are 52,730 which %chng is -0.30 with -160.00 points low. Commodity MCX future Gold prices (4 august) are 29,225.00, %change is 0.22 for 10 gram, Silver future prices (5 September) are 52723.00 with %change 0.32 for 10 kg.

Gold Tips
Short term and Intraday Level of GOLD is in hold long position In short term Gold is in strong up trend so hold with stop at 29201.in intraday trend buy is advised above 29431.6 with a stop at 29188.8 go for sell with stop at 29389.6 .Intraday resistant level is 29389.6 to 29431.6 and support level is 29188.6 to 29146.8.

Silver Tips

Currently Silver is in hold short position Silver is moving sideways so short term investor better to buy if close above 53300.0 closing below 52202.0 Intraday trend - Buy is advised only above 53604.9 with a stop at 52480.9 Below 52177.5 go for sell and put stop at 53300.3.

Traders can Sell MCX Silver with September Future Contract at current rate.
Targets 52685 , 52600 , 52500 and Stop Loss 52877.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Copper Updates | MCX Copper Trend and Tips

MCX Copper Prices has jumped by more than half percent to 427.55 per kg as traders increased their position. Copper both future contracts have made best level with uptrend.  As soon as Commodity market is about open, copper rune top level.

MCX Copper Prices has jumped by more than half percent to 427.55 per kg as traders increased their position. Copper both future contracts have made best level with uptrend.  As soon as Commodity market is about open, copper rune top level.

Copper is expecting up trend level 428-429, while down is 423-421.

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