Monday, 29 April 2013

Rupee changes again in Asian market gold calls and levels for 29 April

At the end of April month Bullish commodity again going to be in positive direction,it rapidly gaining a positive direction and towards up position, wedding session is start so you can say that in coming session it may increase more than to its previous value. But today gold move slowly you can say that you buy it to its minimum levels.
You can resisted Gold at 27398 and support level is 26979.9.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

COMMODITY Free Tips: Gold was rapidly disappearing again

Gold has gone up. RS weakness and poor economic data is not getting to the resort to sleep. Gold is trading fairly sluggish domestic market. The move has also shaken silver. MCX gold is trading at Rs 26 370 and flat, while silver fell by 1 per cent to Rs 43 220. Comax 0.3 per cent in gold, the silver was down 1.5 percent.

MCX Gold June futures Sell - from 26,470 to 26,490, stop loss - 26650 and the target - 26100

MCX Silver July Futures Sell - 44350, stop loss - 44800 and the target - 43 500.

MCX Crude Oil May futures Sell - 4830-4835, stop loss - 4860 and target - 4790

MCX Copper April futures Sell - 373, stop loss - 375.5 and Goals 368.

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

MCX Base Metals Trading Down, Free Commodity Tips

Sharp decline in base metals. MCX Copper has dipped to around 3 per cent. Aluminum, lead, zinc and nickel also fell by 1 per cent are doing business with. The copper on the London Metal Exchange fell to a low of close to 2 years. After deducting from the IMF forecasts the global economy has increased sell-off in metals.

MCX Copper is currently trading below Rs 375 with a fall of 1.65 per cent is. Aluminum 1.25 per cent, 1.2 per cent nickel, lead and zinc in the 1.5 per cent recorded a decline of 1.7 percent.

~ You can Buy MCX Copper above 375 Targets 376, 377 Stop Loss 377.

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Thursday, 11 April 2013


U.S. crude oil stocks reached a record level of 23 years. Once again there have been huge gains in U.S. crude reserves. Has increased by about 2.5 million barrels last week, incl. Meanwhile, demand for OPEC crude for this year has slashed its estimate on. Hence, the pressure on crude oil prices in the international market is showing. The domestic market is also affected. MCX crude oil is trading down flat and Rs 5,155, while on NYMAX crude slipped 0.25 per cent, has come down to $ 94.5.

-       @  Buy MCX Crude oil below 5150 Targets 5135, 5120 Stop Loss 5180.
            @  Sell MCX NG at around 223.50 targets 222.50, 221.50.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Gold - silver sheen arose today @ Commodity Tips

Until last year, benefiting investors in the gold and silver has declined this year. MCX Gold slipped below the Rs 29,000. While silver is not able to stand up to Rs 51,000.

Of course this is to play its hand in the fall of many investors. So everyone has the same question in mind that how about the gold - silver moves. Harish JRG Wealth Management believes that the current trend is silver dipped to Rs 45,000.

Currently, with the decline of 0.4 per cent on MCX gold is trading around Rs 29,000. While silver dropped 0.8 per cent to Rs 51 050 came with. Comaks 0.4 per cent collapse in gold has come down to $ 1,570. Silver dropped 0.5 per cent to $ 27.1 occurred.

MCX gold (June futures): Sell - 29500, stop loss - 29 599 and the target - 29310,,

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