Friday, 31 August 2012

Copper MCX Trading Updates | Gold SIlver Tips

Copper Updates, MCX Gold Tips, Silver Call, Free Commodity Market Trading TipsL

Copper on London metal Exchange has been traded begging point which by Supported Domestic on MCX Copper Today. Whatever in first time Copper was introduced positive and its make continues for upper level in intraday? Although Future Market it is trading Flat range on Friday.

Here we judge that Copper may go uptrend so Traders can Buy MCX Copper with in current contact at around 424 and Targets 25 and 26.

Intraday MCX Trading Tips

SELL SILVER SEP BELOW 56700 TARGETS 56635, 56550, 56450 STOPLOSS 56827.

Buy MCX Gold Above 30800 to 30820 and Targets 30835, 30850 for Today.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

MCX Gold Tips --- NCDEX Mentha Oil Call

Gold Tips

MCX Gold is momentum currently, but its possibility down side.  We are expected Sell MCX Gold October futures with in Targets 30737, 30712 and Stop Loss 30803.

NCDEX Mentha oil Call
Traders can buy Agri Mentha oil augst above 1348 and Targets 1351 , 1354 , 1358 S/L 1342.

MCX :- Updates, Gold, Silver Trading Call Today

MCX Commodity Updates, Trend, Range, Level , tips, Call, Free, Intraday Market Today

The Continue 2nd day Commodity MCX are trading down trend, Although International market too is showing same position due to tomorrow. In fact local market is not recovering them position.

MCX Gold trading range is between 30635.9 to 31058.7 while Silver MCX trading range for the day is 57058.9 to 58060.6. Investors who invest in Base metals such as Copper, Lead, Zinc and Aluminum so first Copper on MCX trading range is for today 419.7- 425.6 and Lead 108.5 – 110.

Energy on MCX Crude trading range for Today is 5256.8 to 5371.4, while Natural gas trading level is 144.6 to 152.7.

MCX Gold Silver Trading Call Today

- At currently traders cam make buying Position in MCX Gold above 30820 and Targets 30835 and 3050.

- Buy MCX Silver with in September future contract above 57460 and Targets 57510, 57565.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


MCX Gold in the Domestic market has been going down record level, However International market it has broken record last four month. The slight fall on MCX gold is trading at Rs 30 925. 0.1 per cent, while silver is trading at Rs 57 540 with osteoporosis.
The MCX Market has been affected by U.S GDP figure. In other fact the Federal Reserve is expected to announce Qi -3 meeting on 31 August 2012.

MCX Gold Trading Call
Now MCX Gold Traders Should Buy Gold up 30960 Targets 30983, 31008, 31036 S/L 30917.

What strategies commodity in the market today | MCX Silver and Copper Call

MCX Commodity updates,Call, Level, Trend, Free Silver Tips, Copper News In India

Rapid growth in international markets after the flat business the domestic market is seeing some strength in precious metals gold and silver. We are expected MCX Gold and Silver will be being up trend in day. MCX Gold is trading above 0.13 percent at Rs 30987, while Silver is trading up 0.24 percent at Rs 57748.

With a decline of 0.27per cent on MCX crude oil is trading at Rs 5340. We are expected bearish trend in Crude with resistance will be 5405.7 to 5459; however supporting zone is between 5318.5 to 5265.3 for Today.

MCX aluminum and lead have gained 0.1 percent. But Copper, Nickel and Zinc has weakened 0.25 per cent.  

Commodity MCX Call for Today
SELL SILVER SEP BELOW 57650 TARGETS 57585 , 57500 , 57400 STOPLOSS 57777.

SELL COPPER AUG BELOW 423 TARGETS 421.5 , 420 , 418.5 STOPLOSS 426.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Silver Updates in Commodity Market Today

MCX Silver Today has been slummed near to one percent, really after one week silver has momentum back side. However foreign market impacted to local market today. Second fact is weakness of rupees due to dollar. Current level is below 0.85 percent at Rs 57543 and highest level in whole day at 58144.

Silver Call Today

Now we expected Silver will make Upper level again so Here Attention all Investors and Traders who traded in MCX Silver- Buy Silver With September Contract at Rs 57550 Targets  57600, 57650 and Stop Loss 57450.

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