Thursday, 29 March 2012

MCX: Gold, Silver, Copper, Crude, Base metals Updates and Tips Today 29 March 2012

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MCX Gold and Silver Update: - In Domestic Market Commodity aren’t seen positive in last two days. MCX Commodity today also has introduced down trend in intraday.
Precious Commodity Gold and Silver has seems dull in previous. MCX Gold has opened slow positive at Rs 28170, while tomorrow it was slipped half percent at Rs 28170 on Wednesday. But Current view of MCX Gold is trading at Rs 28144 with consolidate.
MCX Silver also has started consolidate in previous at Rs 56682, but in last trade on Wednesday it was closed more than one percent at Rs 56,623. We can see current view of MCX Silver is up 0.07 percent at Rs 56619 at around 10.30 Am.

     Gold and Silver Resistance and Support
MCX Silver

 In international market Gold and Silver has introduced positive today. Gold on Comex has traded at $ 1663 on previous, while Silver has reached half percent.
Crude Update and Trading Tips: - Crude on MCX has started slow positive in previous at Rs 5404, while It was closed below more than one percent at Rs 5,400 in intraday. Now it is trading up o.2 percent at Rs 5404.
Although MCX is seeing currently bullish trend in intraday today its have hold position and its Resistance R2- 5462, R1- 5419.
Copper and base metal Update: - Copper on MCX has seems fully bearish trend today. Today it has opened down at Rs 430.6, while it was closed down near to one percent at RS 430 on Wednesday. Currently MCX Copper is trading down 0.6 percent at Rs 430.45 at same time.
MCX with a slowdown in growth is visible on the base metal.
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