Saturday, 30 June 2012

Commodity Updates with Best Live Tips

MCX Market Updates 30 June 12 

The international market has been booming for last 2 days. The reason is that sometimes ago commodity market was suffering by debt crisis in Europe. But commodity market has supported by European market now.

Comex gold has jumped more than 4 percent and touch record level. Silver also shot up 5 percent 27.52 dollar per ounce.

MCX Silver was touch record level on Friday, but MCX Gold was suffering decline trend tomorrow.

The Indian Commodity market has introduced bearish trend today. Crude on MCX is trading above more than half percent in current rate.


Friday, 29 June 2012

Commodity Gold Live rate and News today

MCX Gold Rate 29 June 12, Gold Tips, MCX Updates, Commodity Trading Level Free

MCX Gold prices extensive lose on Friday. Commodity Gold prices has more hated lowest level under two weeks. Rupees against the dollar have been battered moves strongly up the gold. The international market gold has best introduced and it has been continuing take right position. The strength of gold in international market is not push gold on domestic market. Currently gold has reached above 1.25 percent in international market, yet MCX Gold is trading lower side 0.8 percent at Rs 29,535 for June contract.

According to Commodity Expert Today MCX Gold can touch 29700 Level, but it will be never crossed these Level.

Traders/ Investors can buy gold above 29,580 for current contract. Targets take 29,645 and stop loss 29,511.

Crude Copper updates and trading tips

Crude oil Update:
Crude oil in international markets is seeing good growth. In Norway crude oil production declined by 15 per cent due to the strike. International market has had a rapid effect on domestic business. Despite the strengthening of the rupee against the dollar on MCX crude oil is trading above Rs 4,500.

Copper Update:
In MCX Base metals is strong today all metals including copper trading up 0.5 percent. After 3 day declined now copper trading at 420.15 up 2.5. You may buy copper target is 421.5

Thursday, 28 June 2012

MCX Gold Silver Live Updates, Commodity Trading Tips Today

Gold Silver Updates 28 June 12, Silver Trading Strategy Today, MCX Market Tips, Support, Level, Intraday Future Commodity View

MCX Gold and Silver has given entry for short side. MCX Gold has introduced negative round and silver has entry positive in open session.

International market has also seemed down trend for commodity Market. The slowdown in international market, yet the Indian market is seeing profitable traded gold and silver light today. The weakness of rupee gold and silver is showing best beginning today.

Current rate of MCX Gold is trading down at Rs 29975(June Contract) and August future rate is below at Rs 0.06 percent at Rs 29978. MCX Silver is trading above 0.13 percent at Rs 52837 for July future contract.

Expert say MCX Gold is showing consolidate position, Fell to understand what will be next position.

MCX Gold Tips Today 
Buy MCX Gold above 29,990 with August future contract.
Targets 30013, 30039 stop loss 29957.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

MCX: Silver Report, Trend, Tips Today

Silver Updates 27 June 12, MCX Trend, Commodity Intraday Strategy, Level Support Today

MCX Silver has slipped to half percent in current position. In previous MCX Silver has introduced positive with slow moment but now it has taken low trend.

MCX Silver July and September future contract are trading fully bearish trend. Expert Said Today It can touch at 52350.

MCX Silver has immediate support of Rs 52350 and next is 51258.4, while resistance has been seen at 53507 to 54674.
Silver Tips: - Sell Silver below 52600 with July contract.
Targets- 52535 , 52450 , 52350 and Stop Loss 52727

Gold trading tips and Crude strategy

Gold update:
Today I think we may again see gold retracing back to Rs 30,000. Which will again be a good to sell gold.
Pressure on International market reflect on domestic market gold and silver trading at under pressure.

SELL Gold  Below 29,950 Target:  29900, 29885 stoploss: 30010

Crude oil Strategy:
Our expert point of view crude has more chance to pullback. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

NCDEX Sure Shot Tips for Today

NCDEX Chana (Gram) Tips)
Sell Chana below 4300 with July Future Contract.
Targets 4290, 4280, 4260 and Stop Loss 4340.  

NCDEX Jeera Tips 
Sell Jeera Below 13870 with July Contract.
Targets 13840 , 13810 , 13770
Stop Loss 13930.

 Note:- In These Call we Achieved all of above targets.

MCX Copper Live News and Updates, Silver Trading Tips Today

Copper Updates 26 June 12, MCX Silver Trading Tips, Commodity Trading Strategy Today, MCX Market Trend, Level , Support Today

Copper on MCX Copper has introduced positive in previous. Starting of the day copper has introduced good, but it continue traded flat in domestic market.

MCX Copper has return back means it is trading down side in currently. Current rate of MCX Copper is trading down 0.08 percent at Rs 416.8 and its highest touched at Rs 418.4 at around 11 Am. Market Expert said Now Copper will make Sell position.  

Copper Tips: - Sell Copper June below 416.
Targets 414.5 , 413 and stop loss 419.  

MCX Silver Trading Tips 
Buy MCX Silver July above 53600.
Targets 53665 , 53750 stop loss 53473

Monday, 25 June 2012

NCDEX Commodity Market Tips, Soya Live Tips Today

NCDEX Updates 25 June, Agri Commodity Tips, Soya Tips, Support, Level , Free NCDEX Call

Today NCDEX Market has created boom. As it was started normal in previous but after 3.30 Pm NCDEX Soya bean has jumped 2.5 percent and it’s touched record level at Rs 38, 58.

The International market has gone up nearly 3.5 percent. Some countries like United States and Argentina have suffered to warm and drought is expected to impact on yields. According to Sopa- Soya yield might increased in this year.  

Buy NCDEX Soya bean above 3831 with June contract.

MCX Silver Trading Strategy, Commodity Gold Trend Today

Silver Updates 25 June 2012, MCX Gold Tips, Commodity Tips Today, MCX Market Live Update, Intraday Indian Commodity, Level, Support, and Resistance today

MCX Gold and Silver has been slipped near to one percent today. Precious commodity gold and silver has introduced negative in previous. The international market gold and silver are trading bullish trend, despite domestic market these commodity are trading fully bearish trend. Basic reason of the decrease of gold and silver in domestic market, the rupees has been steadily increasing the pressure on commodity.

MCX Gold is trading below 0.75 percent at Rs 29750 and MCX Silver is trading below 0.92 percent at Rs 52,465.

MCX Gold may touch 30073.7, and silver may touch at 53234.3 today. Supporting zone is MCX gold at 29874.5, while silver is at 52672.4.
Trader advices trading in gold 
 Buy gold above 29,770 with august contract.  
Targets- 29785, 29803.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Gold and Crude trading strategy

Crude oil news:
Oil bounced from 18-month lows higher open on Friday as investors looked to possible crisis resolution at upcoming meetings of European leaders.

Gold trading strategy: 
The yellow metal once turned negative as disappointment about the small size of the bailout left many investors unconvinced that Europe was committed to fix the crisis in the region.
You may buy gold between 30040-30060 

Friday, 22 June 2012

MCX Crude Oil Updates and Base Metals Tips Today

Commodity Market is increasingly looking back. MCX Crude oil is trading above 0.23 percent at Rs 4,525, while in previous it has started down trend with negative view. Today MCX Crude was slipped more than half percent but currently it recovered them.   
Crude Tips:- Sell MCX Crude below 4520 with current rate.
Targets 4,490 stop loss 4,563.  

Base metal Tips 
Buy Lead June above 103.5.
Targets- 104 , 104.5 and Stop Loss 102.6.

Commodity Gold Silver Trading Tips, Copper Live News and Updates Today

Copper Update 22 June 12, MCX Gold Tips, Silver Update, Commodity Live Trend. MCX Market Trading Strategy, Silver Sure Shot Call Today

MCX Commodity Market has suffered more decline position last two days. Commodity markets have been dominated by recession fears. Gold on MCX was touched the record level and crossed 30400 Level on Thursday.

Spot gold prices declined around 2.5 percent yesterday on the back of rise in risk aversion in the global markets.

The International market Gold and Silver has Introduced Slight decline in previous. Gold on Comex has drooped near to 0.14 percent at 1565.

The domestic market MCX Gold is trading below 0.2 percent at Rs 29,790, while MCX silver is slipped near to half percent at Rs 52682 in currently.
Copper Updates: - Copper continues closed to a bottom. This is particularly so as the market has seen very heavy short selling over this weeks.

From the intra-day perspective, we expect base metals to trade on a negative note on account of rise in risk aversion in the global market.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

MCX Sure Shot Call for Today, Energy Natural gas tips

MCX Gold Call
Sell Gold below 30050 with August Contract.
Targets- 30027 , 30002 and Stop loss 30093
MCX Silver Call
Buy Silver July above 53750.
Targets- 53815 , 53900.

MCX Energy Natural Gas Call
Sell Natural gas 142.5 with June Contract
Targets- 141.1 , 139.7 and Stop Loss 145.5.

MCX Gold Silver Tips, Commodity Live News Today

MCX Update 21 June 12, MCX Gold Tips, Silver MCX Trend, MCX Silver Sure Shot Call, MCX Tips Today, Gold and Silver Trading Strategy

Today MCX Commodity is Showing Fully bearish trend. The Basic reason of the down trend in MCX does not announce Kwantetiv Ijing 3. Most of the commodity in the international market from the Fed's decision is bad. Gold and silver has Introduced more decline in the international market today. Gold on Comex dropped near to one percent and silver also slipped more than 2 percent in previous.

The weakness of Gold and Silver in the foreign market today has taken possession to domestic market. MCX Gold is trading down 0.8 percent at Rs 30150, while silver MCX is also slipped more than one percent at Rs 53,995 with July contract.  
Supporting Level MCX Gold is 30102-29990 and Silver is 54078-53690.
Traders Advices for Trading in Gold and Silver 
-Sell Gold Below 30145 with June Contract Targets- 30130, 30115.
-Buy MCX Silver Above 54,000 with July Contract Targets 54 035, 54085

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

MCX Silver Trading Tips Today

MCX Silver has felled Today near to 12 Pm. The impact of slowdown in international markets also has pushed bottom of the silver prices today.

The International market has seemed slight edge in previous session today, while domestic market it has introduced negative note today. MCX Silver is showing fluctuation moment in whole day.

Current position is MCX Silver is trading below at Rs 0.6 percent at Rs 54460 with July future contract. But Expert Says Now Precious commodity Silver will go up side.

Traders Advises for Today
Buy MCX Silver above 54500.
Targets- 54515, 54533.

Copper and Crude oil Update

Copper update: Copper are trading under pressure in MCX market. A recent upward trend in Shanghai Futures Exchange copper volume suggests that imports of the metal may surprise to the upside again in June, Copper the leader of the base metals complex declined in yesterday’s trading session on the back of appreciation in the Indian Rupee. Crude Oil Trend: NYMEX crude oil is trading with strong light. On Tuesday, domestic crude oil with 1.15 per cent to Rs 4754. Crude oil is consolidate trend and has reached above 4742 level with Rs. 9 down. NYMEX crude has trading up.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

NCDEX Commodity Pepper Tips

NCDEX Pepper prices are expected to trade positive for the day. NCDEX Pepper Level is expected prices rise up to 39515 to 38860 Level..

Pepper is first resistance or Major Resistance at 40170. If it is broke any condition then Immediate Second resistance will be at 40825.

NCDEX pepper Tips Today 
Buy pepper July above 40300 .
Targets- 40380 , 40460.
Stop Loss- 40180.

Commodity Gold Updates, MCX Silver Trend and Support Today

Gold Updates 19 June 12, Silver Trend, MCX Gold Tips, MCX Tips Today, Commodity Trading Strategy, MCX Market, Future, Trend Support Level for MCX

The slight edge in international markets with domestic markets in precious commodity gold and silver light seems to bounce today.

Gold on domestic market is trading above near to 0.3 percent at Rs 30,375, and august future contract is also has touched there new record today.

MCX Gold trend is bullish and we can expect prices to rise up to 30077- 29844 Level. Major resistance is seen near Rs 30422. If any way this will break then next resistance is 30574.  
MCX Gold Call: Sell Gold Aug below 30200 Targets- 30177, 30152.  

Silver Trading Updates Today 
 MCX Silver is also trading with strong point in domestic market. In previous it has started positive at Rs 55025, while last day it was closed above 0.73 percent at Rs 54,940. MCX Silver has touched highest at Rs 55100 with July Future contract.
MCX Silver Support zone is 54443-53963. Currently it is trading volatile position.

Monday, 18 June 2012


MCX Crude Call: Sell Crude Oil Below 4740.
Targets- 4725, 4710, 4695.  
Stop Loss- 4770.
MCX Silver Tips:- Buy Silver July Above 54350.  
Targets- 54415, 54500.  
Stop Loss- 54223.

Note: - In These Call we Achieved All of above Targets. Fill The Free Trial Form and Get Daily Sure Shot Call.

Intraday Commodity update

The weakness in the domestic markets because in international market gold and silver is to get pressure. But gold as a currency is gaining gold being allocated a more important role in the coming new economic order. Silver BUY SILVER JULY ABOVE 54350 TARGETS 54415 , 54500 , 54600 STOPLOSS 54223

Crude Update: Although MCX crude oil is rise it trading at 4714. NYMEX crude oil strength about 1 per cent. Crude trading range for the day is 4644-4760. Crude move above could see prices testing 4760.

Base Metal: All base metal is consolidate trend, You may Buy Copper Target 422 stoploss 417

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Commodity Gold Live News and Rate Today

Precious Commodity Gold has forever enjoyed an edge over other metals in terms of its value; it is the best investment option in commodity market. The traders and investors are generally deciding trading precious metal gold otherwise second choice is Silver. The sudden surge in gold, silver prices trends to create a idle in the bullion market.

According to Commodity Future Trading Commission (CFTC):- United States Gold has gained near around 3.10 percent in this year at 1623 dollar an ounce, and it has increased net long position through 26 percent for the week ended.

MCX Gold has highest touched at Rs 30,144 in domestic market on Friday. Currently it is trading above at Rs 30,133. Specialist Said Today it is showing fully volatile trend.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Copper Live Updates, MCX Crude trading Tips Today

Copper Updates: - MCX Copper is trading strong in current position. Today ii is trading more than half per cent June and August both future contact. In previous it has started positive at Rs 413, while tomorrow it was closed was closed above 0.70 percent at Rs 412.
Now it is trading above 0.78 percent at Rs 415.95 with June contract, and August future contract it is trading above 0.55 percent at Rs 419.9.

On London Metal Exchange has introduced positive with above o.5 percent today.
 MCX Copper is 1st resistance at 415.9 and second resistance Level is 422.2.  
Copper Call: - Sell MCX Copper with June Contract below 415.50 and target 414.50,413.21  

MCX Crude trading Tips
Sell MCX Crude Oil with June contract below 4700.  
Targets- 4685, 4670 and Stop Loss- 4730.

Precious Commodity Gold and Silver Trading Strategy Today

MCX Gold Updates 15 June 12, Silver Sure Shot Call, MCX Gold Silver Tips, Commodity Tips Today, MCX market Live Update, Intraday Gold Silver Trend

The possessiveness in the international market has supported gold and silver prices in domestic market also.

 MCX Gold prices has reached 30163 above 0.17 percent for August Contract, while MCX silver is also running on up side , currently it has touched near to half percent at Rs 54687 with July future contract.

Last trade of the gold was closed above 0.30percent at Rs 54687, and Precious commodity Silver was also noted above one percent at Rs 54,440 with current contract.  

Trader’s advices: - When MCX Silver Touched 54700 then you can immediate sell it with July Contract. Targets- 54600, 54500.
MCX Silver Level Today
Resistance- 54939.4 to 55975.5  
Support- 53944.2 to 52912.2

Thursday, 14 June 2012

MCX Crude Trading Tips Today

Crude Update 14 June 12, MCX Tips, Commodity Tips, Today, MCX Level, Support, Commodity Live Tips, MCX Crude Tips

MCX Crude has slipped near to half percent today. NYMAX Crude also introduced down trend in previous. The decline trend of Crude in Domestic market, it has effected by International market today.

MCX Crude oil June Future contract is trading down 0.47 percent at Rs 4615 and July future contract is also trading below 0.43 percent at Rs 4660.

MCX Crude support zone is 4591 to 4544. Currently it is showing consolidate position.

Commodity Gold silver trend for week

Gold Silver Update:
In the international market gold silver slight rise, thus gold silver have seen increase in the domestic market. Gold price continued to gain last three days. Strong physical bullion demand helped yellow metal to recover from the early pullback However, the precious metal prices fell earlier in the session after data showed US import prices recorded their largest decline in nearly two years in May. The dollar too strengthened against the Euro and restricted the rise in gold prices.

Base Metal tips: 
All base metal trade with strong position. On MCX Copper, aluminum and nickel half per cent is trading with strength. Lead and zinc have been 0.30 per cent. all base metal trend is positive uptrend.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

NCDEX Commodity Market Trading Tips Today

NCDEX Update, NCDEX Tips, Agri Commodity Trend Today, NCDEX Pepper Tips, Commodity Future Tips

NCDEX Pepper Tips


NCDEX Pepper is showing different view for Future contract. NCDEX Pepper is trading positive for June contract, while July future contract it is trading low trend today.

                In previous NCDEX Pepper has introduced  negative at Rs 40200 June future contract, however it has recovered them position and it is trading above 0.21 percent at Rs 40295 in Currently.

Pepper Level Today: -   Today NCDEX Pepper has resistance Level 40563. If this will break then next resistance level will be at 41013. Supporting Zone NCDEX Pepper is 40113 to 39663.
Call : Buy NCDEX Pepper above 40295 with June contract.

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