Wednesday, 30 November 2011

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    $Commodity Market position$
-Today international market has seen declines oil & Domestic market is witnessing           decline of 0.3 in crude oil. On MCX, crude oil is trading below Rs- 5200.  International markets are having an impact on the domestic market. The united States 34 million barrels of crude oil inventory rose in the last week, while a decline was expected. Because of these reason is decline in crude oil.
-Now we talk to MCX Gold by nearly one percent to Rs 28900 crore is estimated. Silver is now flat foot. Currently 0.5 percent silver on MCX trading at about Rs 55,200.
-In all base metals when there is 0.6-1 percent. The present weakness of one percent on MCX copper is trading at Rs 383.40. Copper on the London metal Exchange, the business is down 1.5 percent but this month Copper prices have fallen more than six percent.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


  Commodity Strategy for Today
Now we talk to Commodity so Commodity Gold & Silver has gone out of Monday’s pointed today. approximately half percent on MCX gold with the Rs- 28,660 is trading.
Today has been sluggish to move crude oil. Domestic crude oil with about one percent is trading at Rs 5071 the result of the decline in international crude oil is seen on domestic markets.
Base metals business is in refuse today. though nickel is considering a little strength. On MCX ,copper,lead & zinc lower by half percent is business.
Picking up the spices of the day-is increasingly being slammed. Four percent upper circuit on Monday after being introduced today is physically powerful cardamom. With the red pepper and cumin is starting of the fall. Gram is being seen today in dull trading. Gwarseed, Gwargm and the two percent with the business. On Monday , Arise in the soy group has disappeared.

Monday, 28 November 2011

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Commodity Market & Its Strategy
After one week Crude Oil Return in positive way .On MCX, Crude oil with about one percent is trading at Rs 5118.Crude oil in the international market is rising being viewed.
Now we talk For Gold & Silver So it’s also gained today. With gold in the domestic market up one percent to Rs 28678, But silver traded at Rs 55028 1.5 percent life form seen .Last week, gold Silver had declined.
Base metals also nice opening for today. Copper is found in the best. Copper on MCX with about  two percent at Rs 385 is trading. Copper on the LME is trading at 2.5 percent.
Now We talk to Agri Commodity it’s Also cumin & turmeric are in moderately fast. The gram is trading at half percent but gwagm and gwarseed in decline. Guargum in the future market is trading at about 1.5 % .While Soy in negligible.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

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 Commodity Top Gainers For Today.
Commodity         Date            Value(Prices)
Guar Seed                      20 Dec 11             4524(+3.01)
Natural Gas                    25 Jan 12               195 (+1.67)
Potato                             15 Mar12                645.6(+0.76)
Refined Sov                    15 Dec 11              635(+0.61)
Potato                             15 Mar 12                581(+0.5)
Commodity Market Headlines
-MCX Gold drifts down as problem still caseless.
-Dollar Index Rally to swallow Commodities, selling recommended.    
-Tumbling Dhaniya future may take support near 3760.
-December gold future have support at dollar 1,650/0z
-Barclays-Oil prices continue to trace macro sentiment despite rising geopolitical tension
PGM market remains under pressure even as Zimbabwe supplies look uncertain.


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