Wednesday, 28 March 2012

MCX Commodity Trading tips and Intraday trading Strategy, Gold silver Copper trend today 28 March 2012

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Gold Silver Update: - In domestic market MCX Gold and Silver has slow business in previous. Today MCX Gold has opened down at Rs 28,275 in intraday, while last trade on Tuesday it was closed 28280. In Current Position of MCX Gold is Negative at Rs 0.24 percent at Rs 28 215 at around 12.30 Pm.
Silver on MCX also has slow trend in domestic market. Today it has introduced at Rs 57341, while it was closed at Rs 57405 on Tuesday.
International market also have seems declined today. Gold on Comex has declined 0.37 percent at $ 1682, while Silver has seems marginal and it is trading near around 33 dollar.
Gold resistance and Support: - R2- 28587, R1- 28643 and S1- 28009, S2 -27931
Crude Oil Update and trading view: - Today MCX Crude oil has introduced down trend in previous and currently it is seeing down trend. Crude on MCX has started down at Rs 5467, while tomorrow it was closed down with Rs 5473. Currently it is trading down at Rs 0.31 percent at Rs 5456 at same time.
Copper Update: - In domestic market Copper has seems negative. Today Copper in base metal has started down at Rs 437, while it was closed down at Rs 437.3 on Tuesday. Now it is trading down more than half percent at Rs 434 in intraday.
Copper Resistance- 440, 442
Support- 431, 419
In previous all base metals have introduced down. MCX aluminum, zinc and lead are on the decline in business, while nickel also seen has pressure.

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