Tuesday, 29 November 2011


  Commodity Strategy for Today
Now we talk to Commodity so Commodity Gold & Silver has gone out of Monday’s pointed today. approximately half percent on MCX gold with the Rs- 28,660 is trading.
Today has been sluggish to move crude oil. Domestic crude oil with about one percent is trading at Rs 5071 the result of the decline in international crude oil is seen on domestic markets.
Base metals business is in refuse today. though nickel is considering a little strength. On MCX ,copper,lead & zinc lower by half percent is business.
Picking up the spices of the day-is increasingly being slammed. Four percent upper circuit on Monday after being introduced today is physically powerful cardamom. With the red pepper and cumin is starting of the fall. Gram is being seen today in dull trading. Gwarseed, Gwargm and the two percent with the business. On Monday , Arise in the soy group has disappeared.


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