Friday, 25 November 2011

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        Agri Commodity Outlook
Chilli future trade bearish. Red Chilli has been sown in 0.29 lakh hectares in A.P. till date during Rabi season .Chilli producers pregnant are expecting Chilli production to incrase this year due to area increases that increase is around 20.83 percent from last year till date .pepper future may trade higher.
Reports of lower output outcrop in 2012 from the International pepper group of people meeting being held Indonesia is said to have pushed up the market.
Now we talk other Agri Commodity So Kapas future may Trade in bearish zone.campaigning among farmers may give less cues to the market sentiments.
  MCX NCDEX Outlook  
Today International Commodity Markets have Witnessed a varied trend .NCDEX is on the go up in Crude oil .However MCX has been on the refuse in gold and silver.
NCDEX 0.2 percent at present, With Crude oil trading at 96.38 dollars a barrel while Brent crude has come.
MCX fell 0.2 percent in Gold and it is 1695 dollars per ounce level .Also on MCX of $ 31.78 per ounce & Silver 0.32 per cent has been broken .Copper on the London metal Exchange is trading with strength of 0.1 percent.


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