Thursday, 10 November 2011

Commodity News For Today| NCDEX Current News

            *** Crude oil fell, gold - silver down***

Downturn in international commodity market have seen. Naimeks the crude oil has slipped.
& Comeks there is to see a decline in the gold and silver.
Light crude oil at the moment Naimeks down is trading at 95.50 dollars a barrel. Brent crude ended in the looking and it remains above the level of 112 dollars a barrel. In terms of domestic markets, up from 2.5 percent yesterday on MCX Crude oil closed at Rs 4858.
Comeks European debt crisis deepened to the weakness in the gold and silver looks. That’s 1 percent to $ 16.70 on Comeks gold currently at $ 1774.20 per ounce fruit is trading at. Also on Comeks 34 dollars per ounce of silver weakness has
******Sugar prices increase ******

Sugar prices have increased strongly. NCDEX sugar futures close with gains of 1.5 per cent to Rs 2,850 per quintal has been exceeded.

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