Thursday, 30 August 2012

MCX :- Updates, Gold, Silver Trading Call Today

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The Continue 2nd day Commodity MCX are trading down trend, Although International market too is showing same position due to tomorrow. In fact local market is not recovering them position.

MCX Gold trading range is between 30635.9 to 31058.7 while Silver MCX trading range for the day is 57058.9 to 58060.6. Investors who invest in Base metals such as Copper, Lead, Zinc and Aluminum so first Copper on MCX trading range is for today 419.7- 425.6 and Lead 108.5 – 110.

Energy on MCX Crude trading range for Today is 5256.8 to 5371.4, while Natural gas trading level is 144.6 to 152.7.

MCX Gold Silver Trading Call Today

- At currently traders cam make buying Position in MCX Gold above 30820 and Targets 30835 and 3050.

- Buy MCX Silver with in September future contract above 57460 and Targets 57510, 57565.


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