Tuesday, 7 August 2012

MCX Silver Updates, Gold Trading Tips Today

MCX Silver Updates, Trading Strategy in Commodity

MCX Silver in domestic was trading flat in previous, but now it is beginning to Intraday Trader. Silver live study is trading above 0.09 percent with in September future contract. Although starting of the market it was noted negative 35 rupees against tomorrow closing. Because last night it was closed 53344 with boundary line.

Despite the decline seem in international market, yet domestic market Precious metals gold and silver are trading green flag. In fact, at lower levels after continuous fall in the domestic commodity market shopping trend is being witnessed.

We are expected MCX Silver will be trading between 52895.4 to 53794 so traders should invest watch with live chart then invest according market strategy.

Gold Trading Call

MCX Gold is trading at Rs 30,000 in live chart, although possibility it may go down level so Traders can Sell MCX Gold near to 30,000 to 29990 with targets 29930-29880-29840.


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