Wednesday, 4 July 2012

MCX Commodity Market technical Analysis and Strategy Today

Copper Updates 4 July 12, Crude Copper Strategy, MCX Gold Silver Trading Tips

Yesterday rise in Energy Crude oil is not seeing same in international market. NYMEX Crude has slight decline today. Although MCX Crude is arise near to half percent in domestic market.

All metals are viewing down trend right now. On MCX Copper has decline 0.07 percent and is trading at RS 426.1. Fall 0.29 percent lead is trading at Rs 104.65. MCX Aluminum has also slipped near to half percent at Rs 106.6. MCX Zinc and Nickel both metal are trading slight edge.

Precious metals Gold and Silver are traded turn down in international market had direct impact on the domestic market. MCX Silver and gold is trading pressurize with slight edge.



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