Wednesday, 18 July 2012


International future prices (aug 12) are gold 1578.25 with changes -11.25 and silver prices (sep12) are 27.145 with 0.171% changes. Today current prices for gold are 29,228.00 with% chng -0.21 and with low -61.00, in the other hand silver spot prices are 52,730 which %chng is -0.30 with -160.00 points low. Commodity MCX future Gold prices (4 august) are 29,225.00, %change is 0.22 for 10 gram, Silver future prices (5 September) are 52723.00 with %change 0.32 for 10 kg.

Gold Tips
Short term and Intraday Level of GOLD is in hold long position In short term Gold is in strong up trend so hold with stop at intraday trend buy is advised above 29431.6 with a stop at 29188.8 go for sell with stop at 29389.6 .Intraday resistant level is 29389.6 to 29431.6 and support level is 29188.6 to 29146.8.

Silver Tips

Currently Silver is in hold short position Silver is moving sideways so short term investor better to buy if close above 53300.0 closing below 52202.0 Intraday trend - Buy is advised only above 53604.9 with a stop at 52480.9 Below 52177.5 go for sell and put stop at 53300.3.

Traders can Sell MCX Silver with September Future Contract at current rate.
Targets 52685 , 52600 , 52500 and Stop Loss 52877.


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