Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Gold - silver sheen arose today @ Commodity Tips

Until last year, benefiting investors in the gold and silver has declined this year. MCX Gold slipped below the Rs 29,000. While silver is not able to stand up to Rs 51,000.

Of course this is to play its hand in the fall of many investors. So everyone has the same question in mind that how about the gold - silver moves. Harish JRG Wealth Management believes that the current trend is silver dipped to Rs 45,000.

Currently, with the decline of 0.4 per cent on MCX gold is trading around Rs 29,000. While silver dropped 0.8 per cent to Rs 51 050 came with. Comaks 0.4 per cent collapse in gold has come down to $ 1,570. Silver dropped 0.5 per cent to $ 27.1 occurred.

MCX gold (June futures): Sell - 29500, stop loss - 29 599 and the target - 29310,,


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