Friday, 21 September 2012


The Indian Rupees has strengthened against the dollar near around 1.5 percent today. The trick of currency in the domestic commodity market has amplified the force on the prices of gold and silver. International market has seen a boom in gold and silver, while the domestic market is declining trend in gold and silver.

Currently, nearly half percent on MCX gold is trading at Rs 31730. With silver above 0.39 percent at Rs 64215 in December future contract today. Slipped 0.5 percent on MCX crude oil is trading below Rs 5,000. MCX mixed in the base metals business is being witnessed. Aluminum, Copper and Nickel are traded with weakness in the recorded increase in lead and zinc.


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Every commodity depends upon the rupee value, as the rupee value is decreasing against dollar, the price of all commodities are increasing. This is the reason that the price of gold ans silver also increased.

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