Friday, 4 May 2012

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Commodity Gold and Silver is showing positive trend in domestic market. In international market have seemed positive and it is trading up trend Today. Gold on Comex is trading up o.12 percent with 1636 dollar, while silver is trading 30 dollar with above 0.37 percent.  
Gold trading View and Strategy: - MCX Gold has introduced positive at Rs 29197 in previous session and its immediate perform best moment and touched at Rs 29269. Last trade of MCX Gold was closed at Rs 29215 with dull business. Now it is trading up at Rs 29219 for June contract.
Buy MCX Gold above 29220 with June contract.
Targets- 29233, 29249.
Stop Loss- 29197.
MCX Silver Update: - In domestic market MCX silver has accepted positive trend today. Currently it is trading up 55250 with fully bullish trend. Tomorrow it was closed at Rs 55211 with May contract.
Buy MCX Silver 55250 current rate.
Resistance- 55527 to 56283.7
Support- 54739.7 to 53986.5
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