Wednesday, 29 February 2012


NCDEX Update 29 Feb 2012, Mentha oil tips, Commodity NCDEX Tips, Online ncdex tips, Agri Commodity tips

Commodity NCDEX Seen boom in whole days. NCDEX Especially Mentha oil jumped high level today. NCDEX mentha oil is trading up at Rs 2,000 in domestic market. Today is the expiry of the February contract. NCDEX menthe oil prices this month have been bouncing near around 31 percent in domestic market.
Today NCDEX barely has been reached 1,570 bucks with four percent upper circuit. Potato on NCDEX also 4 per cent upper circuit and its prices have gone up 1,000 on Wednesday.
NCDEX red pepper is also looking around 4 per cent. On NCDEX, guar gum with 3 per cent is trading at Rs 58 600. Guar seed broke the 2.5 per cent is trading at Rs 18 350.

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